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Brake and Suspension Repairs

At Omega Automotive, we believe a smooth driving experience means complete control over your vehicle. We offer affordable steering, brake and suspension checks in Guildford West and surrounding areas to ensure you’re safe on the road, no matter what your journey may bring.

Foot on brake. Car comes to a stop. This is how it should always be – which is why we recommend servicing your car’s brakes at least once a year to guarantee your safety. Preserving the brakes of your vehicle is a crucial measure that must be taken, and we provide some of the best services around!

In order to effectively stop your car, brake pads must be in working order and not worn down to the rotors. As brakes are something you use every time you use your car, don’t ignore any signs of potential damage. This includes:

  • High pitched squeaking when pushing the brake pedal
  • Scraping or grinding sound when not braking
  • Applying more pressure than normal when attempting to stop
  • Strong shaking / vibration when braking

Suspension, on the other hand, bears the load of your car and keeps the tyres on the road when driving. This helps with a smooth, safe ride. Signs that your steering and suspension could be compromised includes:

  • Pulling to the side
  • Car continues to bounce after going over a bump
  • Wheels wander and shake
  • Less responsive steering

Steering and suspension systems must be inspected no less than once a year to identify and potential future problems and prevent costly repairs later down the track. At the first sign of trouble with your brakes or suspension, call Omega Automotive today on 02 9892 2499.

Brake and Suspension Repairs