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Roadworthy Certificate

If you need the most comprehensive roadworthy certificate Merrylands has to offer, you can rely on the services of Omega Automotive! In order for a vehicle to be sold or re-registered, it must carry a valid roadworthy certificate. Only licensed vehicle testers can give these out – this is where we come in!

Roadworthy Certificate in Merrylands

A roadworthy certificate must be issued within thirty days of an application being registered. Remember that this means a roadworthy certificate doesn’t guarantee the vehicle in question will remain roadworthy; the certificate only clears the car as being roadworthy at the time it is given out.

What Do We Inspect?

At Omega Automotive, we offer a comprehensive check of your vehicle that ensures all vital components are in working order. This includes seatbelts and seats, structural integrity, windscreens (wipers, washers, etc.), wheels and tyres, braking, steering and suspension as well as reflectors and lights.

What Don’t We Inspect?

Keep in mind that these tests are to ensure a vehicle is safe on the road for the driver, passengers and all others on the road at the time of inspection. Potential mechanical faults are not taken into account – this means the general condition and reliability of your car isn’t taken into account. Non-safety accessories, such as stereo and air conditioning units, are not assessed as they won’t have any impact on your roadworthy certificate.

If you’re after a deeper, front-to-back detailed inspection of your car and all its systems you can request an independent report. We also conduct pre-purchase inspections for those who want reassurance with a new or second-hand vehicle purchase. For the best roadworthy certificate Merrylands can offer, call Omega Automotive today on 02 9892 2499.